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Paderborn Medical Centre at The Medical Centre

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01-04-2013 is the exact day when the Paderborn Medical Centre was created. The Medical Centre at Block 109 Barker, Bfpo 22, BF1 0AF (zipcode) is the exact address where it is placed. It is a beautiful neighbourhood in an awesome city, in a well-known country. This organisation code is A91192. High level health geography, national grouping and provider codes of this institution are as follows: Q72, Y54, 13Q.

Dermatology Cats (2) at The Heathfield Centre screen

Dermatology Cats (2) at The Heathfield Centre

28-04-2009 is the exact date when the Dermatology Cats (2) was set up. The Heathfield Centre at Ash Hill Road, Hatfield,...