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Verney Close Surgery at Verney Close Family Pract

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On 01-04-1974 the Verney Close Surgery was set up. Verney Close Family Pract at Verney Close, Buckinghamshire, MK18 1JP (postal code) is the exact address where it is placed. It is a scenic neighbourhood in a great city, in a famous country. This association identification code is K82069. High level health geography, national grouping and provider codes of this institution are like that: Q82, Y57, 10Y. You can get in touch with them by dialing the following number: 01280 822777.

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Stefana Batorego 8/6
60-687 Poznań
Telefon: 668 425 325

Meanwood Health Centre at Meanwood Health Centre screen

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01-04-1974 is the exact day when the Meanwood Health Centre was created. Meanwood Health Centre at 548 Meanwood Road,...